Caldicot - Waghäusel 25th Twinning Anniversary

On Monday 21 of June 1999 a party from Caldicot made the long journey to our twin town of Waghäusel in Baden-Baden, Southern Germany for a five day stay to celebrate the 25th anniversary of twinning. Our new Mayor, Councillor Viv Thomas lead the party with other Caldicot Town Councillors, representatives from the Caldicot Male Voice Choir, the Pasteries, other Caldicot Clubs, former Mayors of Caldicot and the Clerk to the Council with partners.

*Click the photograph below to access a slide show of the 25th anniversary of twinning.

Caldicot - Waghäusel 25th Twinning Anniversary

The first unofficial contract of twinning was made in 1971 through the British Consulate in Germany. In 1973 delegates from Wiesental visited Caldicot where many personal friendships developed. As a result the agreement was signed on 6 September 1974 at the town hall in Wiesental. The bilingual contract was then signed by the Burgermeister of Wiesental, Emil Gross and the Mayor of Caldicot, Councillor Brian White and Roy Nancekievill (Clerk of the Council). The ceremony took place in the old town hall and later a function was held in the church hall.

At the 25th Anniversary Dinner held at the Wagbach Hall, Wiesental on Monday the party from Caldicot were wined and dined. The friendship and support from the former Burgermeisters, Emil Gross and Robert Straub and most of the original founder members of the twinning met up with the present Councillors and the group from Caldicot.

At the dinner the 'Cup of Friendship' was passed around the guests. The Cup of Friendship has become the symbol of the giving of gifts and will always be brought and presented by the visiting town. The cup of friendship was bought by the late Elaine Thomas, wife of the present Mayor, Councillor Viv Thomas in 1986.

Waughäusel’s new Burgermeister Walter Heiler and his Caldicot counterpart Mayor, Councillor Viv Thomas presided over the ceremony and praised the long-standing friendship between the twin towns hoping that the good relationships continue long into the future.

During the speeches the founder members, German and Welsh were remembered and praised for their efforts. Burgermeister Walter Heiler spoke of growing friendships which can only be developed from the ordinary people in maintaining friendship like these within the European community.

Both towns are proud of their heritage; Caldicot has its marvelous Castle, and now Waghäusel has one of its own. A beautiful painting of Waghäusel’s Castle painted by Damian Hugo Von Schõnborn was presented to the Mayor of Caldicot to be placed in the Day Luncheon Centre.

On Tuesday the party from Caldicot visited various community projects, Wednesday a river cruise on the river Neckar and Thursday Heidelberg Castle and the old Town. On Friday the party left Waghäusel for Caldicot.