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10 Downing Street

Official web site for "the dark brick house known as No 10 Downing Street" powerhouse of Britain's government. Take a picture tour of the grand rooms, read some history and get details of ministers and committees, and what they do.

Alan Howarth MP

Alan Howarth MP for Newport East (Caldicot's Member of Parliament) web site.

Conservative Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru, the Party Of Wales
Caldicot Plaid Cymru
Green Party
European Union

United Kingdom Parliament

Official guide to the Mother of Parliaments. Plan a visit to the Public Gallery or find out what your MP gets up to when he/she is not being interviewed on TV. Facts, archives and contact details.

National Assembly of Wales

"Essential facts" about the Assembly (Cynlliad Cenedlaethol Cymru), based in Cardiff, are promised here. Read about the building and the way the Assembly is set up.

National Audit Office

The Audit Office, "totally independent of Government". Check the accounts of all government departments and a load of other public bodies and report to Parliament on how well they're all doing.

Open Government

From Aberdeenshire City Council and the Army via the Greater Manchester Police and Greenwich Observatory to the Houses of Parliament, the Prince's Trust and the Tate Gallery, if it is publicly funded and has a web presence, you'll find it listed here. You can read the daily reports from Hansard, find out what your MP has been up to when not in the Commons, or drop in at the not-very-secret web site of MI5.

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

The Royal Commission has a national role in the mamnagement of the archaeological, guilt and maritime heritage of Wales as the originator, curator and supplier of authoritative information for individual, corporate and governmental decision-makers, researcers and the general public.

Security Services (MI5)

The Service does not kill people ... one of the Myths and Misunderstandings dealt with here by MI5. There's an account of what they ARE for, the security threats they tackle and how they go about the job.

UK Passport Agency

Who needs a British passport, who can have one and what to do if you lose yours. List of local offices, plus when you need a visa, how to get one.


For web access to UK-Focused information, people and services connected to government and other official bodies. Clear and concise guidance on the mass of legislation and regulation that impacts your daily life. Useful information and directories relevant to your business. Directory of government, MP websites, government news, bookstore and much more

British Monarchy

The official site for the Queen and her family. Information on the latest royal duties carried out, the royal palaces and archive stuff on the history of the monarchy.

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