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Caldicot Police have a long history of involvement with local bodies and provide liaison offices for such organisations as the Chamber of Trade, Licensed Victualler's Association (LVA Pub Watch) and the Partnership against Crime.

Now for some general information about the Caldicot Police Station. We cover an area from Magor to St Pierre Golf Club, and include Llanvair Discoed and part of Wentwood Forest. As you can imagine this is a particularly large area to cover.

The establishment for the Section is 1 x Inspector, 3 x Sergeants, 20 x Police Constables, 2 x Detective Constables, 1 x Station Assistant, 2 x Typists, and we must not forget the lady who cleans the station who has been with us for more years than she cares to remember.

Four of the 20 Police Constables are based at Magor, 1 of these has responsibility for the Rogiet area, 2 other Police Constables based at Caldicot have responsibility for Caerwent and Portskewett villages. The Section is currently 2 Police Constables short of it's establishment due to extractions and other duties.

As you can see, there is hardly an army of officers available for such a large area. However, due to hard work and dedication Caldicot Section is proud of the very high crime detection rate, this is currently 61%, one of the highest detection rates in the Force. The Force detection rate is 54% which in itself is one the highest in the country, as a comparison the national average detection rate last financial year was 25%.

There follows a sample of the categories of crime committed within Caldicot Section since 1st April 2000 together with the number of crimes in that category which have been detected together with the percentage detection rate.

No. of Offences
Offences Detected
Percentage Detection Rate
Burglaries of 'Dwellings'
Burglary other than dwellings
Theft of Vehicles
Theft from Vehicles

I would like to elaborate a little on the Partnership Against Crime. It is a local organisation run by volunteers who primarily are members of Neighbourhood Watch Groups. They liaise with other local organisations e.g. Community Councils, the LVA and Chamber of Trade, representatives from these organisations are invited to attend the monthly Partnership Against Crime meetings where local crime and disorder problems are discussed and solutions sought.

The Partnership are also in the process of setting up an Internet web site, the address being <>. Some people may also be aware that some three years ago Mitel Telecom of Caldicot donated a purpose built display caravan which through a lottery grant has been equipped with a TV, Video and a petrol driven generator. It is therefore self sufficient and is available upon request to attend local events such as school fetes and carnivals where crime prevention advice and the like is given out by members of the Partnership Against Crime who staff the caravan.

In conclusion, I would like to clarify the situation relating to the staffing of Caldicot Police Station itself, firstly, there are always officers on duty or on patrol within the Section 24 hours a day.

Our current policy is for the Police Station to be open to 'callers' between the hours of 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday and on weekends 9am - 5pm.

Due to operational requirements this may not always be possible but every effort will be made to comply with this policy. In the event that the Police Station is unattended, there is a yellow phone box located at the front door and by following the instructions callers will be connected to Cwmbran Police Station who are in radio link with Caldicot officers who will be able to deal with their enquiry.

Many thanks to Caldicot Community Website for the opportunity to contribute

Sergeant David Edwards
Caldicot Police Station

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