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The Website Committee was born out of the Caldicot Town Council's Millennium Committee. It was suggested in the early part of 1999 that it would be advantageous to the community of Caldicot to have a presence on the internet. It would allow anyone in the world who has access to the Internet to find out what is happening in Caldicot, promote local business and encourage tourism.

As the Internet was new to the Town Council, they asked Stuart Cliffe and Maurice Turner to give a presentation on what could be achieved by having a Caldicot website. From this initial presentation, a committee was formed to oversee the publication of the website and to gain sponsorship.

The principal officers of the committee are:

Stuart Cliffe Chairman
Paul Tidmarsh Vice-Chairman and Community Relations
Peter Strong Secretary
Maurice Turner Treasurer and Website Manager

Sponsorship has been given by:
Caldicot Town Council
Caldicot Business Club
Caldicot Leisure Centre Users Committee
The National Lotteries Charity Board website is a no profit community group entirely funded by local sponsors.

We are happy to link with other web pages, and will provide active help and advice to assist individuals to understand and use the Internet and create their own site if they wish.

Our committee are all active users of the Internet, either professionally or as a major interest.

All the money and services offered by the sponsors will be used to offset the costs of setting up and running the website and to promote the use of the Internet within our community. was officially launched on 24 June 1999.

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